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Discussion in 'Ruang Curhat' started by r09_, 22 November 2016.

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  1. r09_

    r09_ New Member

    For some people, telling their story is a good thing. So the people will understand you better. But for me, I never agree with that. It doesn’t feel right, not my type of a person. Anyway, things are change lately. I was thinking, and probably brave enough to write a few posts. I hope i could consistent. If you having a problem with abstract mind, I prefer you to leave this post. Enjoy is yours :)

    Not even a twin is a same identically. Everyone is unique. I have learnt many things in this world, from the dark place into the light one, from the lowest level of the community into richest people I have ever met. I heard their story, watching their body language, figuring out their character.
    Nowadays, diversity was spreading all over the world. For some reason, the people still can not accept other people who is not mutual with them. Instead embrace the unmutual people, they judging and not even care about their condition. It must stop, at least opening their mind is the first step.

    I realize that i am different, part of the unmutual people. Even now, when i wrote this post, it is hard for me to expose my self, my story, to the world which i don’t even know what the comment would be like.
    Trying so hard to telling you about my story, since i don’t have any good experience about writing and telling a good way with a complex story. Nevertheless, grammar. Please tell me if my grammars are wrong, i am ready to be told, with easy or the hard way.
    My story will be started by a next introduction of my self. Don’t wait for it, please.

    “If you want to complete yourself, ask somebody to complete you” -Perfection
  2. juzie

    juzie Well-Known Member

    Indonesian language please :D
  3. r09_

    r09_ New Member

    hehe, maafkan. lagi pengen pake bahasa lain. wkwk
  4. Guitar Toss

    Guitar Toss Active Member

    Just tell me what you dislike and what do you like... i'm waiting ;)
  5. r09_

    r09_ New Member

    i like someone who understand me more than i do, wkwk. hard tho'?
    i dont like liar, truth-hider, unconsistent people. hehe
  6. Kalajengking

    Kalajengking Well-Known Member

    Mudah2an ngga berkaitan dgn LGBT,
    orang2 di sini (termasuk saya) sepertinya kurang paham dgn hal-hal itu.

  7. r09_

    r09_ New Member

    kenapa bisa kepikiran hal itu?
    is it indicating that way?
  8. juzie

    juzie Well-Known Member

    Lain kali pake bahasa jerman ya bro atau bahasa planet namec :D #becanda
    Sorry, mata udah soak trus baca yg english lg... tambah soak deh: D: D

    Orang mau mencurahkan perasaannya baik melalui lisan (cerita k org lain), tulisan (buat status d sosmed, tulis di diary), maupun melalui karya (puisi, musik, lukisan) saya rasa intinya sama ya bgantung orgnya. Klo km suka dgn cara menulis, ya sok atuh :D ga ada yg maksa harus ceritakan masalah kita k org lain kan? :D

    Semua orang kayaknya juga begitu pakk :D

    You should try to understand others before you wanna be understood. Just that!
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  9. Guitar Toss

    Guitar Toss Active Member

    Yaaa pelan2 aja sih yang penting niatan lo bagus, lo mau berkembang! Jadi pribadi yang lebih baik ;)
  10. Tama Indra

    Tama Indra New Member

    sound interesting...
    i'll wait your next post ;);)
  11. Denatalie

    Denatalie Active Member

    we don't even know you.. why are we judging you? this is indonesia, diversity is us
  12. Denatalie

    Denatalie Active Member

    ngomong ngomng mbak @Fathiya mana ya.. kok ngk pernah nongol
  13. crowna

    crowna Active Member

    Aaah...i see,, it's normal when you found a new thing that changed you. You know, there are some rules, not really rules, i mean standart you are normal if what you say and what you do is in the range of standart. The Problem is you're realize that you may not in box of standart. Congratulation! You are really human. But, actually, i really wanna know your full story... :)
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  14. Maiia

    Maiia Well-Known Member

    "Terkadang lebih baik kita diam menyimpan cerita kita daripada memberitahu orang lain sebab kebanuakan orang hanya penasaran tapi belum tentu peduli" *anonim :)
  15. r09_

    r09_ New Member

    Wah, senangnya thread jadi ramai. hehe.
    Kucoba balas satu satu ya reply nya.

    Yup, that is my point of view. Doesn't mean I judge somebody.
    Wkwk, seringnya orang salah kaprah ketika aku mencoba peduli. Dan juga aku orangnya gak terlalu mau memperlihatkan kepedulian. Semacam "bermain di belakang panggung" hehe.

    Always, try to make my self better.
    Tapi, butuh teman yang gak sekedar temen. walaupun akhirnya sulit, karena hubungan yang harus dibuat pasti butuh waktu yang lumayan lama

    Hope so. Truth is, this was my Tumblr post. Hehe.

    Which Indonesia, hehe.
    Diversity is us, but there is a standard among us.

    Aku setuju dengan ini, tapi kalo selalu disimpan sendiri rasanya lelah. That is why I wrote this. Hihi
  16. r09_

    r09_ New Member

    My full story of what? hehe
    I will try to write more and more. But, I'm kinda a moody person.
  17. mr.x

    mr.x Well-Known Member

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  18. Denatalie

    Denatalie Active Member

    bali.. xixi...
  19. Maiia

    Maiia Well-Known Member

    Ngana pe ketik ini tulisan pake hape ato kalkulator sih ? Beta pe pedih mata membacanya :D
  20. mr.x

    mr.x Well-Known Member

    hahaha.... pake mata batin aja :p

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