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Discussion in 'Ruang Curhat' started by id.unknown, 15 September 2019.

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  1. id.unknown

    id.unknown New Member

    I know this not the right place to start, but who cares? right?

    So,... here's the deal. I need a contributor to managing my own forum that I've been created and deploy on my own server.

    The forum included:

    - Developer Forum > and his child categories
    - News Forum > and his child categories
    - Confide (Curhat) > and his child categories
    - Psychology > and his child categories

    For more information, you can either reach me out to my email:

    Hopefully can find the contributor from here, that will be great!.

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  2. id.unknown

    id.unknown New Member

    If you are interesting with this project, please feel free to reach me out on my email above.
    or you can talk to me directly from the conversation in this forum.

  3. Putri Rally Jelita

    Putri Rally Jelita Active Member

    hello, would you speaking in indonesian language? can you talking each other with indonesian language?can i?
  4. id.unknown

    id.unknown New Member

    iya silahkan kak...
    mau berkontribusi kah?
  5. Putri Rally Jelita

    Putri Rally Jelita Active Member

    itu hrs anak psikologi yah :(
  6. id.unknown

    id.unknown New Member

    engga kak. siapa aja boleh, terbuka untuk umum. karena memang tujuannya supaya berguna buat yang lainnya.

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