Discussion in 'Ruang Curhat' started by heningayu, 4 November 2018.

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  1. heningayu

    heningayu Member

    I pray to God for make you be mine
  2. Putri Rally Jelita

    Putri Rally Jelita Active Member

    :emoji_sob::emoji_sob::emoji_sob::emoji_sob::emoji_sob::emoji_sob: . seperti doaku waktu itu
  3. Astra Jingga

    Astra Jingga Active Member

    I (as a man) pray to God, that if she's the best person for me, able to show a better path for me to walk upon in this life, able to make me a better person in everything with every possible good way, and that I'm capable of loving and cherish her until my last day on Earth, may God put me and her in an eternal relationship until the death do us apart.

    Kalo gak mah... Buat apa... :emoji_grin:

    PS. buat saya pribadi lho ya, ini...
  4. Astra Jingga

    Astra Jingga Active Member

    Halah... Lupa, gak bisa di edit post nyah... :emoji_expressionless:

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