You can't seem to do anything right

Discussion in 'Ruang Curhat' started by Peraih Mimpi, 31 July 2017.

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  1. Peraih Mimpi

    Peraih Mimpi New Member

    You can't seem to do anything right
    Once you get to the point where you feel like everything you do upsets annoys her, and you're tiptoeing around in your own.

    There is something with which your significant other is unhappy and he or she isn't communicating that to you. Until she is honest with why she is really frustrated, nothing you do will seem to be enough. What ever i do yes literally whatever i do is all wrong.

    I dont know where should i talk to, i am shy to talk to anyone because even my colleagues will say i am fucking useless dude who scares his girl.. I have ever written something here previously, but i dont find anything good here. I believe no one will have a respect at me and instead everyone will definitely laugh at me. I always thought this place is the freedom and a good way to express my emotion and depression. I am feeling completely worthless seriously. Every single things i do is just another mistake. From small to big things. I can barely feel being loved. I know by saying and writing this.. Everyone who read this will think that i am just a random dude who thinks he is the worst where they are bunch of people with unlucky shit are never forget to be grateful. I have no idea.
    Maybe i am just in a toxic relationship. I have bought a house which will be done in 3 years time. Everyone who knows me knows i am a guywho scares his gf. My gf never ever polite i front of my buddies. I oftenly feel depressed. Ever think of suicide, Thank God i am still safe till now.. The feeling of worthless is just unescapable. I am fucked up and the "always wrong guy".
    I honestly hate being compared, being controlled, being command of every steps i take, every things i do, fuck my life is horrible and worthless..

    Come and laugh and me guys.. Im fucking normal with all of the laughing stuff..
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  2. reiha

    reiha Well-Known Member

    Building relationship is supposed to be constructive for your life, not draining it. If you continuously feel exhausted and worthless when she's around, then you're already stuck in a unhealthy relationship and perhaps leaving her is the best option. It's true that nothing is impossible, but relationship under circumstances like yours is like mixing bourbon and vodka, it doesn't naturally work. She has so many issues to fix before sharing life w/ someone else -- her insecurity, immaturity, negativity, impulsiveness, everything that might've caused her behavior change -- and probably you don't have the personality to handle it smoothly. I'm not judging that it's your fault, but it's pretty obvious that patience is not your biggest strength.

    I'm not a professional advisor, I believe that you understand your gf and yourself better than anyone else, but I have hunch that you don't love her anymore. Maybe you did, but now you only need her to stop trespassing your personal space. You agreed to whatever she wanted not because it's fine but because you avoid her tantrums. You said okay to her rules not because it's acceptable but because it's too ludicrous to argue. You didn't hit her when she upsets you not because your heart said don't do it, but because your sanity said it's wrong. The question is, do you realized how close you are to your limit?

    You are tired brother, and it's completely normal. Don't mind people laughing at you because your happiness doesn't rely on them. Don't mind me if you think I'm wrong. But maybe it's time to take the break. The house you both bought together is not a throphy of your 2-3 years relationship, it's just some walls that deter you both from finding the place where your true happiness lies. Break your heart now and fix it tomorrow. Perhaps one day everything really does change, you and your gf could be what you should've been. We never know, right? Maybe someday, but clearly not today.
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  3. Numbnumb

    Numbnumb New Member

    Euuhh aink keur lieur beuki lieur, teu ngarti akh Taluk.
  4. Esnoir

    Esnoir New Member

    ga gt bisa english tp kurang lebih ngerti deh gw maksudny
    jd intinya ya jgn nyerah sm hidup lo karena cewe lo, drpd depresi mending putus aja karena masa sih di luar sana gada cwe yg bisa ngertiin keinginan dan sifat lo *tapi y teteplah lo jg intropeksi diri sifat yg ga bagus jgn dibiarin gt maksudny
  5. leo_kambing

    leo_kambing Member

    I thought you were saying that your gf scares you. Apparently, you're scared of her. hmmm.
    Dude, you're guy. Can't you be more strict on her?
    It is okay to be scared of your gf however scared in a lovely way. Not like this, like what you did.
    Your friends were partially right about you being useless but also partially wrong that they gave you undesirable insult.
    Suicidal for a woman? Are you seriously kidding me, dude?? Think twice thrice more more more.
    Being compared is normal, everyone hates being compared.
    Being controlled? You need to adjust your life dude, stop being controlled.
    Since you're able to purchase a house, I assumed that you have a great career. So, Leave her dude, there are more flower outside. You can find better than her. You can find someone who'd appreciates, respect you.
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