you looks more happier with..

Discussion in 'Ruang Curhat' started by gehu pedas, 4 February 2017.

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  1. gehu pedas

    gehu pedas Member

    you looks more happier with them. with your friends, your community..

    i won't blame you
    but why you looks unhappy when you were with me ?
    and when i said our relationship should be ended, you mad at me, u don't wanna broke up with me.

    you're so confusing
  2. Abu Nawas

    Abu Nawas New Member

    Cause it's mad world :D
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  3. Jiprat W

    Jiprat W Well-Known Member

    Karena ane bingung sama bahasa Inggris,,,, jadi kesimpulannya ini kisah pasangan yang membingungkan. Hehehe.
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  4. reiha

    reiha Well-Known Member

    He loved you but he didn't know how to show it
    He thought you were fine with it
    He loved you but then he realized it wasn't enough
    Because you want something more than love
    He loved you but he knew you expect something he couldn't give
    And someone out there is able to provide what you need
    He's drown into jealousy but he's never good with words
    And now he knows you want it end, his anger bursts
    Men are confusing indeed
    But so are women
    We can always try harder
    But we will always hurt each other

    I was like him and probably he thought he way I did =)
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  5. Alam Lukman

    Alam Lukman Well-Known Member

    ini lirik lagu?
  6. gehu pedas

    gehu pedas Member

    this words are too good :D
  7. gehu pedas

    gehu pedas Member

    nope, that's my heart lyrics lol
  8. gehu pedas

    gehu pedas Member

  9. Alam Lukman

    Alam Lukman Well-Known Member

    actually mungkin yang salah ada di ente justru.
    mungkin aja ente kurang romantis ato kurang seru gitu jadi doinya bawaannya garing... coba nyanyiin dia lagu modusin dia kali2... biar ada gregetnya lagi...
  10. gehu pedas

    gehu pedas Member

    masa cewe modusin cowooo :(((
  11. Alam Lukman

    Alam Lukman Well-Known Member

    ups kirain dirimu cowoknya...
  12. Kalajengking

    Kalajengking Well-Known Member

    Well, I can promise you tomorrow
    But I can't buy back yesterday

    I wasn't there when you were happy
    I wasn't there when you were down
    I didn't mean to miss your birthday...

  13. rikisibarani

    rikisibarani Well-Known Member

    Kalau begitu dikomunikasikan aj sist, apa yg membuatnya lebih happy bersama teman"ny .. minta dia utk lebih terbuka ..
  14. Maiia

    Maiia Well-Known Member

    Kayak sindirin pedes buatku nih :0
  15. Fathiya

    Fathiya Well-Known Member

    Yg snasib bisalah buat group tersndiri jd bs cari solusi sama2 :D
  16. Maiia

    Maiia Well-Known Member

  17. Volt

    Volt Well-Known Member

    Mngkn itu yg namany jenuh... Kasih jarak dikit biar bisa mikir apa sebaikny d lanjutin ap ngga...

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